an art exhibit & auction event to benefit Siloam Mission


Just a few of the patrons' artworks.
The art auction event was a great success! Hosted by Winnipeg Sun's Laurie Mustard, the crowd of more than 60 people braved the cold February night and gathered at The Edge Gallery to show their support to Siloam Mission and the city's homeless. The event was attended by Minister Flor Marcelino (Minister of Heritage, Culture and Tourism) and City Councillor Ross Eadie, and representatives from the business, academe and arts communities. Other interested parties were also present to give their support. The executives from Siloam Mission also attended where Floyd Perras, the Executive Director, gave the keynote message. Mr. Bill Knight of Bill Knight Flooring and Carpets led the live auction which drew great support from the crowd. Our fantastic catering was provided by our Gold Sponsor, The Chocolate Shop Bison Steakhouse and Culinary Arts School and the wonderful cake decoration was generously provided by our Silver Sponsor, Cake-o-logy. The guests were serenaded by the calming music of acoustic guitarist Rod Machovek of The David Project. The event won't be possible if not for the kind and generous support of our other sponsors including- MTS Centre, South Beach Casino & Resort, Fleet Galleries, Dynamic Real Estate (Royal LePage), Hull's Family Bookstores, The Forks North Portage Partnership, Mitchell Fabrics, Morden's of Winnipeg, Warehouse Artworks, and Westwood Dental. Other special donors would include Sobey's at Burrows and St. Anne's locations.

We are happy to raise funds for Siloam Mission as well as create great public awareness on the significance of the arts program at Siloam Mission, and how it helps its many patrons. We are hoping that this event will INSPIRE our many visitors, guests and supporters, to be involved in community work to help our city's homeless and underprivileged population. The arts is truly an important platform to help people suffering from homelessness and poverty to believe in themselves again, and see their potential to rise above from their situation. This may be a long process but we saw through this event how the art exhibit brought back smiles to their faces and be proud once again, that they have something to offer to the community. This experience will hopefully usher in their healing process which is vital to their transition to a meaningful life.

Many thanks to all our patron-artists who participated, as well as to our featured Winnipeg artists including- Jackie Traverse, Patrick Ross, Jordan Miller, Lana Winfield, and Hutterite artist, Josie Hofer. Thank you as well to Andrea Caron who is an up-and-coming artist.

The Colours of Hope art exhibit and auction event
is a project created, organized, and coordinated by graduating student, Desiree Mendoza from the Creative Communications Program (Class of 2011) as part of her Independent Professional Project (IPP). Mendoza considers this event not just a mere project for school but a real community event that raised awareness and sent an important message that people who are suffering from homelessness and poverty are no different from the rest of us; they too, have feelings and emotions. Through the arts, they're able to express these deepest thoughts and emotions in a very creative way that could lead to their healing.

Colours of Hope, a FREE art exhibit and fundraising auction hopes to create awareness on how the arts helps the homeless regain their self-worth and how it may usher in the healing process. It is a fundraising event to benefit Siloam Mission- an organization that provides a variety of programs and services free-of-charge to people experiencing homelessness and poverty in Winnipeg.

Come to the art exhibit for FREE on Feb. 18-24th (closed Sunday) and see a display of artworks created by the patrons of Siloam Mission. Artworks done by some of Winnipeg's talented artists will also be on display--an outward expression of their compassion towards the homeless. Find out what our artists say about homelessness and their connection to it. Artworks from our featured artists will be auctioned in a special event on Feb. 24th at 7:00 p.m. at The Edge Gallery. Ticket sales will go to support Siloam Mission. As a community, we can make change happen.

Artworks created by the patrons of Siloam Mission
-Get a glimpse into the minds and souls of individuals experiencing homelessness and poverty. Through the artworks created by the patrons of Siloam Mission, you will come to see how the arts is helping them in their healing process. This special exhibit will be the main feature of our week-long exhibit and will be the main highlight of our auction night event. These particular artworks are not for sale.

Artworks created by street artists -Feel their artworks; start a conversation; be moved by the colours of their works. These artworks will be on display throughout the exhibit and will be available for purchase to exhibit visitors. Proceeds from the sale of these artworks will go directly to help these street artists from the Main Street area who find relief and hope in the visual arts.

Artworks created by Winnipeg's talented artists -These artworks will be displayed in our week-long exhibit. These art pieces which include the works of Aboriginal artists Jackie Traverse and Patrick Ross, together with Jordan Miller, Lana Winfield, and Hutterite artist Josie Hofer will be auctioned at a special auction night event on February 24th. Proceeds from the auctioned artworks will go to the artists and Siloam Mission. Tickets are priced at $30 each. Extra tickets will aslo be sold at the door on the night of the event. If you want to guarantee your spot, go and purchase your tickets now!

Tickets for the AUCTION NIGHT EVENT are now AVAILABLE!
-HULL'S FAMILY BOOKSTORES at 372 Graham Ave. (beside the Royal Winnipeg Ballet School).
Ask for it from any of its staff. Or get your tickets from-
 -EDGE GALLERY ON 611 Main St. Call 204.947.2992 and talk to Serena Postel.
Please get your tickets today! Space is limited! For any inquiries, send us an

Special Auction Night Event - Feb. 24, 2011 (Thursday) - TICKETS AT $30 EACH
Hosted by Laurie Mustard with auctioneer Bill Knight

Laurie Mustard / Photo credits to
If you are interested to network with others in the business and arts communities, bid on artworks to be auctioned off, and show your support to Siloam Mission, then we invite you to come to our auction night event on February 24th, 2011. 
All ticket sales will go directly to support Siloam Mission.

Parking during the auction night event is provided right behind Mitchell Fabrics. Many thanks to Salvation Army for giving us permission to use their big parking lot during the auction event. Mitchell Fabrics will also provide parking spaces on their lot at the southwest side of Logan Avenue.

*Donations to Siloam Mission are also welcome during exhibit hours and during the special auction night event.

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Ticket outlet at Graham Ave. location (dates TBA)