an art exhibit & auction event to benefit Siloam Mission

Colours of Hope Art Auction Event, February 24, 2011 (Thursday); Auction starts at 7:00 p.m.

Auction Procedures

1.       Each item in the silent auction has a corresponding bid sheet on the auction table at the gallery. Please write your name, phone number and the amount bid on the bid sheet.

2.       The opening bid on each item must equal or exceed the minimum bid stated at the top of each bid sheet. Each new bid must be written on the next blank line available. Silent auction bids will be disqualified if minimum bid is not sufficient.

3.       The silent auction tables will be open for bidding during the reception hour (7:00-8:00 p.m.) on the evening of the auction. Closing time will be announced during the evening and may change as determined by the flow of the silent auction. The closing bid circled by the authorized personnel constitutes the winning bid. Winning bidders who placed their bids at the beginning of the evening and are not in attendance at the close of the silent auction will be notified the first business day after the auction. It will be their responsibility to return with full payment to pick up their purchase.

4. A live auction will follow right after the silent auction.

4.       Winning bidders are advised to see our event personnel at the end of the auction to close the transaction. Payments should be made on the same night of the auction to constitute a closed sale. All sales are final.

5.       We accept cash, personal or corporate checks as payment for the auction.

6.       A receipt/invoice from Colours of Hope will be given to the person/company who won the bid.

7.       All cash and cheque payments should be made payable to ‘Desiree Mendoza ITF Siloam Mission Colours of Hope’. Cheques should not be post-dated.

The Colours of Hope Auction Night Event aims to raise funds for Siloam Mission. The starting/reserved bid on each artwork is the desired amount requested by our featured artists to help cover the costs of materials used for the painting. 10% of the starting/reserved bid is the artist’s donation to Siloam Mission. Any amount over or above the reserved bid will go automatically to support the programs at Siloam Mission. The higher the bid, the more we’ll be able to raise funds to help the city’s homeless and underprivileged population.

Example:  Starting bid on one artwork is $350. $35 (which is 10%) will go as a donation to Siloam Mission by the artist. Artist’s take-home money will be $315. If the winning bid is $500, the amount of $150 (over the amount of $350) will go automatically to support Siloam Mission.

Total funds raised for Siloam Mission (10%+amount over the reserved bid): $185.